The process involves blasting sodium bicarbonate, against the surface to be cleaned, using compressed air to accelerate the crystals to almost 600 miles an hour.

Unlike an abrasive, sodium bicarbonate particles remove contaminants by means of the energy release. When the particles ‘explode’ (crush) on contact with the surface the non-abrasive action allows it to lift any contaminate off a surface. Normally a surface would have been damaged by an abrasive media.

Using Soda, surfaces like, aluminum, stainless steel, brick, stone, glass, fiberglass, wood, plastics, bearings, seals, hydraulic cylinders and more can be cleaned and stripped safely.

How it works


Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other cleaning and stripping methods that use damaging abrasives and toxic chemicals, soda blasting is completely Eco-friendly, non-damaging and safe to use on almost any surface. The sodium bicarbonate is FDA approved and, in fact, completely edible; meaning it can be used in industrialautomotive and residential uses, even food process and kitchen cleaning situations.