Soda Blasting is a quick paint stripping technology that saves time and energy. It is by far the easiest and safest method for removing paint during car restoration projects. This method could cut the stripping process in half or better from other conventional methods of paint stripping.

To prepare your car for paint after soda blasting, simply wash thoroughly with soap and water.

We can also prime your vehicle to keep it from flash rusting.  

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Using the Soda Blasting method:

  • is an easy and environmentally safe way to remove paint for car restorations.
  • is less expensive and quicker than other conventional methods of paint stripping.
  • will not scratch or etch metal, but will remove all of the paint.
  • will leave your car at a bare metal state
  • does not harm chrome or warp panels.
  • does not damage the glass or rubber, making masking unnecessary.
  • will strip wheels, panels or the entire car
  • can de-grease and strip engine components.