We are a mobile service for soda and media blasting. Soda blasting is a non-destructive process in which sodium bicarbonate is applied against a surface using compressed air. 
​Ideal for many applications in cleaning, paint stripping, automotive restoration, industrial equipment maintenance, rust removal, graffiti removal, rust & oil removal, masonry cleaning & restoration, soot remediation, boat hull cleaning and for food processing facilities/equipment, & so much more.

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FUll Service, Mobile Soda Blasting

Clean or remove a coating such as paint or stain from log homes and decks, masonry or concrete walls. Clean years of pollution on bricks or stone walls.

Clean graffiti and rust stains from brick and masonry buildings without damaging the building or using harsh chemicals while still protecting the surrounding landscaping.

By far the easiest and safest method for removing paint during car restoration projects. Cut the stripping process in half from other conventional methods of paint stripping.​